Our original flavor caramel, the base for all of our flavors is caramel in the purest form. Good, wholesome ingredients, make our caramel smooth, rich and creamy. You can't go wrong with the original flavor.

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Butter Rum

Butter Rum is reminiscent of an old fashioned butter rum lifesaver. Our second most popular flavor, it brings back a nostalgic taste from a long time ago.

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Cinnamon gives our original caramel a little savory note to enjoy long with all that sweetness.

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Our coffee caramel is a subtle addition of latin-inspired espresso that adds to the sweetness and gives coffee lovers that taste they crave.

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Coffee Cinnamon

Our coffee cinnamon flavor perfectly marries these two popular flavors together to get something that Mrs. Monkey says tastes just like a latte. This is Mrs. Monkey's favorite flavor.

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Our chocolate flavor adds cocoa powder to the original caramel to transform the caramel into a chocolatey treat that many have called a gourmet tootsie roll (but still with all the smoothness and creaminess of our caramel).

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Spicy Chocolate

This gourmet tootsie roll with just enough cayenne pepper in the mix gives the chocolate caramel a nice warm afterglow.

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Orange Cream

Remember an orange creamsicle from when you were a kid? Now add the rich flavor of a Dr. Monkey's Ridiculously Good Caramel to that!!

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Lemon Cream

Lemon Cream caramels remind us of a lemon cream cookie, with that lemon flavor on top of a vanilla undertone!!

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Monkey Mix

Not sure which flavor? Wanna try them all? Already have favorites? Get a Monkey Mix bag with whatever flavors you want! Please make sure to let us know which flavors you would like in your Monkey MIx bag in the 'Order Special Instructions field' on the cart page.

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Seasonal Flavors

March - St. Patrick's Day - Irish Cream

Fall - Apple & Apple Cinnamon

Holidays - Peppermint & Peppermint Mocha

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