About Us

Dr. Monkey's Ridiculously Good Caramels

Born in Durham, NC, our small-batch artisan caramels bring your tastebuds back to a time when candy wasn't filled with artificial ingredients and preservatives. Our Ridiculously Good Caramels are sure to please (unless you are that weirdo that doesn't like caramel).

Send them to a friend, or keep them for yourself!

Our Story

My daughter asked me to make her some caramels when she was getting her braces off and, when you are a single Dad with three kids, you will do anything to make them smile.  Friends and family who tried them absolutely loved them and convinced me to start selling them.  When you stumble through perfecting a homemade caramel recipe, you have to share them with everyone!  So I did.  I sold them to friends, family, co-workers, and out of a candy jar at a local brewery.  I made heart shaped caramels for more than one friend's wedding.  I shipped them all over the country to anyone who wanted them.  No matter who I made them for, I have always loved watching that smile appear when they try one of my caramels.

Fast forward a few years, and everyone just continues to love them.  Dr. Monkey got remarried to the fantastic Mrs. Monkey and together we officially launched a business to see just how far this thing can go.  We have introduced additional flavors, invested in new packaging and marketing materials, started selling online,  at farmer's markets, at pop-up markets, and in more local stores.  We have even been included in corporate gift baskets during the holidays (thanks Tonya).  

One thing is for sure, everyone who tries them absolutely loves them, except for those previously mentioned weirdos ;)

In 2021 we entered and won a blue ribbon in our division at the North Carolina State Fair!

In 2022, we are participants in the Emmys Giving Suite with Backstage Creations.  Each presenter and Emmy winner will receive a half pound bag of our Original caramels!  We are so excited to be part of this iconic event!!! SO EXCITED!!!

2022 Emmys Giving Suite Gift Bag with Backstage Creations!

2021 NC State Fair Award Winning!

First Place Blue Ribbon Winner at the North Carolina State Fair!

Where we have sent them so far...