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What goes into the caramels?

Our Recipe Includes:

  • All natural ingredients and flavors
  • No preservatives
  • A pinch of happiness
  • A dash of smiles
  • Lots of other goodness (see nutritional information page)
  • Bonus: they are Gluten-Free

How long do the caramels last?  What is the shelf life?

  • At room temperature, the caramels will last 6-8 weeks before the sugars start to crystallize.
  • Refrigeration stops the clock on the shelf life and can extend the shelf life up to a year (maybe longer - we can't keep them around that long :) ).
  • NOTE: if refrigerated, allow the caramels to warm to room temperature (hold in your hand for faster results) as they will be very firm.

Do you offer wholesale pricing for retail sales?

  • We do.... check us on on Faire.

Do you offer mixed/sampler bags?

  • We do... but this takes a little bit of extra work to label each of the caramel flavors on the individual pieces of candy, so they cost a little more.

Can you make specialty flavors?

  • We love to experiment in the kitchen, but this can be tricky for may reasons. Let's talk about it and see if we can make something work.

 When can I expect my order to be ready to be shipped?

  • We work to have all orders ready for shipping or local delivery in 3-5 business days based on order size, and current inventory.  Large orders may take a little longer.

Is bulk ordering available (10+ lbs)?

  • Always happy to get you what you want.... let's talk about how much you would like and when you would like to receive your caramels... we can work something out :)