Dr. Monkey will be on vacation from 8/6 to 8/26/22... see you when we get back!

Dr. Monkey's Ridiculously Good Caramels

Born in Durham, NC, our small-batch artisan caramels bring your tastebuds back to a time when candy wasn't filled with artificial ingredients and preservatives. We are proud to offer that old-time candy with no preservatives and no artificial ingredients and they are also gluten-free. Our Ridiculously Good Caramels are sure to please (unless you are that weirdo that doesn't like caramel). More...

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Dr. Monkey believes in keeping costs down and offering a very tasty and affordable product. Like many other businesses, with increased costs of ingredients, we have to make a market adjustment. We hope that the additional cost won't sway you from enjoying your favorite caramels. We will work hard to offer as many sales and promotions as possible. Thank you for your continued support.